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PeopleLink iCam FHD 10X H.264

PeopleLink iCam FHD 10X H.264

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Change your Camera, Change your Story

The PeopleLink iCam FHD 1080p 10X (H.264) Camera is a product specifically curated to enhance your collaboration experience. With its robust design, this camera delivers instant, real-time face-to-face communication that will revolutionize how you interact with people. Connect seamlessly with your PC or laptop over USB, and conduct large room meetings efficiently.

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Precision Optics for Unbeatable Performance

With the iCam, you can effectively capture superior-quality video to communicate with dispersed teams, partners, and customers. So say goodbye to the limitations of traditional communication methods and embrace the qualitative benefits of the PeopleLink iCam FHD 1080p 10X (H.264) Camera.

  • See the World in Vivid Detail With 1080P Full HD

    iCam has an excellent sensor that captures 2.07 million pixels. In addition, it can take pictures and videos with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, meaning the photos and videos look great.

  • Connect, Control, and Conquer With Full Function USB Interface

    This camera can connect to a computer through a USB port and can display the camera image without losing quality.

  • Ultra-High Frame Rate: Bringing Life to Motion

    iCam boasts an impressive feature of displaying up to 30 crystal-clear pictures every second in a stunning high-definition resolution of 1080P.

  • Escape the Darkness With Low-light Imaging

    The CMOS sensor with a strong signal, along with technology that reduces extra visual fuzz in two and three dimensions, iCam can make pictures look clean and bright, even when it's not very bright where you're taking the photo.

  • Control the Camera With Ease

    Using the RS 232, all the camera parameters can be remote-controlled with fast-paced communication